Easter Cuteness is TOO GOOD!

If you’ve never been to the White Sparrow barn in Quinlan, TX, you are missing out! It’s a beautiful white barn situated among the Live Oaks of Texas country. It’s nostalgic, yet modern, rustic but contemporary, and an amazing location for some great photography!

Barn 10.jpg Barn 6.jpgBarn 4.jpg

We were here to shoot for Belk’s Easter book. While the venue is just amazing, our talent is really what made this space come alive. Check these out. Talk about cuteness!!!


Thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible. Y’all, these are the best in the biz!

H/MU – Susie Jasper and Amy Bjork

Styling – Teressa Ingram

Prop styling – Ashley Lee

Production – Kimberly Smith

And here are a few behind the scenes of me and my crazy crew!

Crew Vanity Fair Shot.jpgBarn 5.jpgBarn 3.jpgIMG_0015.jpg

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