(: Good Times at Good Shepherd :)

Every once in a while I get to do something totally different and it reminds all the more me why I just love what I do! Recently I had the opportunity to shoot the classes of Good Shepherd Episcopal to benefit their school auction. Check these kiddos out!


I love it! These kids and I had so much fun.

The backdrops were painted by my kids and I. We wanted to do something special and unique that could be gifted to the school, so we painted the watercolors and after the shoot I digitally composited them as the background to the image. Then I had them printed on canvas.


I said these kids had so much fun, and they did of course ;), but I might have had more. Setting up these shots was a joy. I wanted to do something that brought out the personality of each individual and each class, and these guys were totally into it!


I mean, c’mon! They are amazing!

I want to say thanks to Good Shepherd for the opportunity. I also want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to the moms who volunteered their time to help wrangle these amazing kids and keep the shoot moving. This wouldn’t have happened without you!


Last, here’s a little Easter Egg from the shoot, an outtake video showing some of our talented subjects up close and goofing off, as well as some behind the scenes.

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