Put a WHAT on WHAAA???

Thanks for showing up! At Pink Dot we believe in getting the shot, but we also want to have fun while we are doing it. Our goal is to create an environment that is as stress free as possible. Everyone knows things can get hectic on set or location, but we don’t sweat it. Screaming babies? Doesn’t even phase us. Bad weather? We’ve got hardy assistants and the best gear. Tight deadlines? We’ll put a freakin’ timer on (try me, I’ve literally done it)! We’ll get your shot, and probably more too. You’ll definitely have a story or two to tell when it’s all over.

Speaking of stories…that’s what this blog is all about y’all. The stories of me (Cindy), my crew, and our clients as we going about taking care of bizness the right way…the Pink Dot way! Let’s make some cool things happen in 2016 together. Check back here for updates on what’s going on around the studio.

Much Love!


P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @cindyjamesphoto and check out our website at cindyjamesphotography.com.


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