It Must Be Summer


Wasn’t it just 2 months ago when it wasn’t sweltering, humid heat in Dallas? Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but I can’t believe it’s already July!

There’s been some good things happening at Pink Dot, but I wanted to tell you all especially about this one for a local modeling agency Kim Dawson . Thanks to them so much for sending me such an amazing job!

Basically, we got to do what we do best and shoot amazing kids all day. Well, actually, for 11 days! For 11 days we were shooting 250 awesome kiddos for the KD kids headbook. I was super excited for this one, not just because of shooting the kids, but I also loved the concept and design of the job. Check this out!

Lillian-Spraggins_018-RT Noah-Cottrell_124-RT Vivien-Blaze-Howell-081-RT

Is that not the best thing ever?

This was an intense job, but when you are working with such amazing talent, you can’t help but have fun.

File Apr 10, 1 18 41 PM

And a few more for fun…

They make me happy just looking at them :).

More exciting things are coming up, so stay tuned and stay in touch! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of what I’ve been up to with my Pink Dot crew.

I’m out!



(: Good Times at Good Shepherd :)

Every once in a while I get to do something totally different and it reminds all the more me why I just love what I do! Recently I had the opportunity to shoot the classes of Good Shepherd Episcopal to benefit their school auction. Check these kiddos out!


I love it! These kids and I had so much fun.

The backdrops were painted by my kids and I. We wanted to do something special and unique that could be gifted to the school, so we painted the watercolors and after the shoot I digitally composited them as the background to the image. Then I had them printed on canvas.


I said these kids had so much fun, and they did of course ;), but I might have had more. Setting up these shots was a joy. I wanted to do something that brought out the personality of each individual and each class, and these guys were totally into it!


I mean, c’mon! They are amazing!

I want to say thanks to Good Shepherd for the opportunity. I also want to give a huge SHOUT OUT to the moms who volunteered their time to help wrangle these amazing kids and keep the shoot moving. This wouldn’t have happened without you!


Last, here’s a little Easter Egg from the shoot, an outtake video showing some of our talented subjects up close and goofing off, as well as some behind the scenes.

Easter Cuteness is TOO GOOD!

If you’ve never been to the White Sparrow barn in Quinlan, TX, you are missing out! It’s a beautiful white barn situated among the Live Oaks of Texas country. It’s nostalgic, yet modern, rustic but contemporary, and an amazing location for some great photography!

Barn 10.jpg Barn 6.jpgBarn 4.jpg

We were here to shoot for Belk’s Easter book. While the venue is just amazing, our talent is really what made this space come alive. Check these out. Talk about cuteness!!!


Thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible. Y’all, these are the best in the biz!

H/MU – Susie Jasper and Amy Bjork

Styling – Teressa Ingram

Prop styling – Ashley Lee

Production – Kimberly Smith

And here are a few behind the scenes of me and my crazy crew!

Crew Vanity Fair Shot.jpgBarn 5.jpgBarn 3.jpgIMG_0015.jpg

Authentic PinkDot


Hi everyone! Check out these super fun images from a recent shoot for Mary Kay and their new line of men’s cologne, Authentic Hero: 


This was a ton of fun. Not only because it was a chance to shoot for a Mexican market, but because we had the chance to cast for the parts. During casting I was shooting (of course!) and realized during the process that the casting session images were a series in themselves. I just love when those moments happen — when you least expect it! I’ll try to post those images in the near future! Stay tuned…




Mixin’ It Up!

I’m so excited to see the release of this video (below) I worked on with Mary Kay last year. It’s for their Beauty That Counts lipstick products. Not only promoting premium beauty products, but this:

Make lips and lives a little more beautiful. In the United States, from April 26, 2016, through Aug. 15, 2016, $1 will be donated from each sale of the limited-edition† Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Crème Lipstick, Hearts Together. Your purchase benefits The Mary Kay FoundationSM, including its support of women’s shelters and survivors of abuse. Mary Kay is committed to bringing an end to domestic violence.

What a privilege to be a part of this project!

Taking this job proved to be very exciting for me because it involved the production of both still photography and video. Mixing two mediums that are both very different from one another can be tricky. My challenge was figuring out how to integrate both the photography and video seamlessly into the shoot. The photographs would be used in print, while the video would be used online, in social media. Needless to say, the studio was packed with activity that day — so much fun!

In fact, here is a time-lapse of the whole day that we filmed just for the occasion.

And check out some tears from our print stills:

‘Till next time y’all!

Our feature in Babiekins. Just In Time…

…for Memorial Day weekend! Something both modern and nostalgic. Babiekins loved these shots so much they are featuring this latest project on their blog. Check it out!



I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for a while. Something modern, with a touch of nostalgia. What better way to celebrate the end of a school year and beginning of summer than a pitch and a swing?

Happy Memorial Day weekend y’all!





Many thanks and much love to everyone involved in this project. Especially:

Hair/Makeup: Lana Adams| Stylist – Teressa Ingram| Producer: Erika Henke – Independent Artists| Models: Mia Bella – Wallflower ManagementEmma Kate – Kim Dawson Agency , Blythe – The Clutts Agency


A Personal Workbook

The new Workbook is out this Spring, and I am very exited about our current ad. This is a personal one for me and I wanted to share a little bit of the story behind these images.

A while back, I started following @mrs_paulie_ on Instagram for her handmade necklaces and kept seeing the hashtag #pray4trax. After a bit of web-sleuthing, I came to find out that Trax is the name of a boy who was born with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disease that clogs organs with thick mucus. CF is something very near and dear to me, as a very close friend of mine suffers from the disease. As of 2016, the life-expectancy for a CF patient is 37. My friend is now 43 and continues her fight. Her positive attitude and faith are an inspiration to me and my family.

When I learned that the necklaces were inspired by Trax’s CF, and that @mrs_paulie_ began making them in order to donate the money to Trax’s gofundme account, I decided I HAD to have some.

This wasn’t easy to do. The necklaces are made by hand and are often on backorder. But perseverance paid off and I was able to purchase four from a boutique in Singapore-one for me, each of my boys, and one for my friend with CF.  They took 2 weeks to get here and were well worth the wait!

When they arrived, I brought them to the studio to show everyone and it just so happened that we were shooting my favorite little twins for one of our clients. Inspiration struck and we did a quick portrait of the girls with the necklaces.  They were so cute that I decided to use it as my latest workbook ad.

I also included pics of my boys wearing the necklaces, because, you know, they are the cutest. 😉

Thanks y’all! Have a great Friday-funday and weekend!