Our feature in Babiekins. Just In Time…

…for Memorial Day weekend! Something both modern and nostalgic. Babiekins loved these shots so much they are featuring this latest project on their blog. Check it out!



I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for a while. Something modern, with a touch of nostalgia. What better way to celebrate the end of a school year and beginning of summer than a pitch and a swing?

Happy Memorial Day weekend y’all!





Many thanks and much love to everyone involved in this project. Especially:

Hair/Makeup: Lana Adams| Stylist – Teressa Ingram| Producer: Erika Henke – Independent Artists| Models: Mia Bella – Wallflower ManagementEmma Kate – Kim Dawson Agency , Blythe – The Clutts Agency


A Personal Workbook

The new Workbook is out this Spring, and I am very exited about our current ad. This is a personal one for me and I wanted to share a little bit of the story behind these images.

A while back, I started following @mrs_paulie_ on Instagram for her handmade necklaces and kept seeing the hashtag #pray4trax. After a bit of web-sleuthing, I came to find out that Trax is the name of a boy who was born with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disease that clogs organs with thick mucus. CF is something very near and dear to me, as a very close friend of mine suffers from the disease. As of 2016, the life-expectancy for a CF patient is 37. My friend is now 43 and continues her fight. Her positive attitude and faith are an inspiration to me and my family.

When I learned that the necklaces were inspired by Trax’s CF, and that @mrs_paulie_ began making them in order to donate the money to Trax’s gofundme account, I decided I HAD to have some.

This wasn’t easy to do. The necklaces are made by hand and are often on backorder. But perseverance paid off and I was able to purchase four from a boutique in Singapore-one for me, each of my boys, and one for my friend with CF.  They took 2 weeks to get here and were well worth the wait!

When they arrived, I brought them to the studio to show everyone and it just so happened that we were shooting my favorite little twins for one of our clients. Inspiration struck and we did a quick portrait of the girls with the necklaces.  They were so cute that I decided to use it as my latest workbook ad.

I also included pics of my boys wearing the necklaces, because, you know, they are the cutest. 😉

Thanks y’all! Have a great Friday-funday and weekend!