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Hi everyone! Check out these super fun images from a recent shoot for Mary Kay and their new line of men’s cologne, Authentic Hero: 


This was a ton of fun. Not only because it was a chance to shoot for a Mexican market, but because we had the chance to cast for the parts. During casting I was shooting (of course!) and realized during the process that the casting session images were a series in themselves. I just love when those moments happen — when you least expect it! I’ll try to post those images in the near future! Stay tuned…




Mixin’ It Up!

I’m so excited to see the release of this video (below) I worked on with Mary Kay last year. It’s for their Beauty That Counts lipstick products. Not only promoting premium beauty products, but this:

Make lips and lives a little more beautiful. In the United States, from April 26, 2016, through Aug. 15, 2016, $1 will be donated from each sale of the limited-edition† Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Crème Lipstick, Hearts Together. Your purchase benefits The Mary Kay FoundationSM, including its support of women’s shelters and survivors of abuse. Mary Kay is committed to bringing an end to domestic violence.

What a privilege to be a part of this project!

Taking this job proved to be very exciting for me because it involved the production of both still photography and video. Mixing two mediums that are both very different from one another can be tricky. My challenge was figuring out how to integrate both the photography and video seamlessly into the shoot. The photographs would be used in print, while the video would be used online, in social media. Needless to say, the studio was packed with activity that day — so much fun!

In fact, here is a time-lapse of the whole day that we filmed just for the occasion.

And check out some tears from our print stills:

‘Till next time y’all!

My Hero

This holiday season we wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our clients for a fantastic 2015. You all are MY HERO! All of us at Pink Dot feel grateful to have worked with you and wish you and your families a merry Christmas and happy New Year. Let’s do something amazing in 2016.

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